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The healthiest smiles come from using the best dental equipment, which is why the team at NowDental of Suffolk uses 3D imaging at their state-of-the-art clinic in Smithtown, New York. To learn more about what 3D imaging can do for your smile, book a visit with NowDental of Suffolk today by calling the office.

3D Imaging Q&A

What is 3D imaging?

3D imaging is a diagnostic tool that the team at NowDental of Suffolk uses to take detailed pictures of your mouth and create a virtual impression of your smile. It’s done with a cone-beam computed tomography (CBCT) device that scans everything inside of your mouth, including your teeth, oral bones, nerve pathways, airway, and soft tissues. 

The 3D image from the CBCT scanner is extremely detailed and can show your dentist multiple angles of your mouth. This significantly improves your dentist’s ability to diagnose and treat complex dental issues, eliminating the need for some of the guesswork that is often necessary with traditional two-dimensional X-rays. 

When do you use 3D imaging?

NowDental of Suffolk uses 3D imaging if they’ve detected signs of oral pathology in your mouth. In those cases, a CBCT scan can be a helpful tool in supplementing the information from traditional X-rays.

3D imaging can also help when you’re getting dental implants or orthodontic work. Taking a CBCT scan of your oral cavity gives the team a detailed picture of your jawbone. This is used in determining the best location for your implants and whether or not you might need a bone graft to give your implants a stronger foundation.

What’s involved in getting 3D imaging?

Most dental practices refer patients to special clinics for 3D imaging, but NowDental of Suffolk does all of their CBCT scanning in-house with a KaVo™ machine, saving you the time and energy. 

3D imaging only takes a few minutes, and it’s a totally noninvasive procedure. Unlike CT scans that are done on your body, you don’t need to be in an enclosed space for a dental CBCT scan. You simply sit still in an exam chair while the device rotates around your head. 

Is 3D imaging safe?

3D imaging is very safe. Compared to a CT scan for your body, a CBCT scan produces significantly less radiation, and the radiation doesn’t stay in your body after the scan.

To learn more about how the team at NowDental of Suffolk uses 3D imaging to improve your oral health, schedule a consultation today by calling the office or using the online booking tool.